Paganism Lite for Kids

Have you been to a bookstore lately, or seen the themes for kids shows and games? On our last trip to the bookstore, I walked into the Young Readers section. The first thing I noticed was a black wall, not that the wall was painted black, but all of the spines of the books were black or dark.  I was curious to find out what our kids are reading about, so I walked over to the wall of darkness and read some of the titles. I was amazed that the vast majority of books were focused on various occult or pagan topics such as vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, spell casting, etc.

What are our kids filling their minds with these days? No wonder so many young people are so screwed up. What happened to tales of kids on backyard adventures, stories of the adventures of explorers or even stories of animals like Black Beauty? Why are these dark books so popular? Or is it that they are the only thing kids are being exposed to?

I went to eBay today to check on something, and I noticed the #1 trending topic was a new TV show about a cute little girl vampire, complete with a pink and purple haunted house and ghoulish friends. So blood-sucking monsters are now supposed to be cute and cuddly for little girls. I’m sorry, but this is sick. Is this the best entertainment that they can come up with for our kids or is there something else going on?

We were visiting family recently, and their kids wanted to watch cartoons on TV. What they were watching was causing mind-sucking numbness in my brain. So I had to walk away. One of their kids loves a show called Monster High. So it’s a show about monstrous teenager girls and their friends in high school. Really? When did ghouls become cool and trendy?

I could name numerous examples of shows and book series with very dark themes being marketed to our kids, the most famous would probably be Harry Potter, but I’ll refrain from making a list. I can’t understand why Christians don’t pay attention to this trend. All of the big entertainment companies are pushing your kids into the occult, and you won’t even take the time to consider this. This is life on the wide road. Darkness and paganism have become the norm.

If you let your kids participate in reading and viewing pagan and occult-themed material, you are either saying that you just think it’s make believe, or you are saying that you agree with these things, even by your negligence. Ignorance is not an excuse. It is your job as a parent to teach your kids the difference between light and darkness, right and wrong. Your most important task is to get right with God and live your life righteously and as purely as possible before your kids, and to daily point your children to the light of the Gospel of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for all of us to redeem us to fellowship with God. Light cannot have fellowship with darkness, so we are called to walk in the light of God’s word and not in darkness.

Consider the items and images you have in your home, office, car, computer. Do they glorify God? Would they lead people to Him or away from Him? When was the last time you read the Scriptures? Today is a good day to start. Pray that God would sensitize your heart to the things that bring glory and honor to Him and to show you what things are of the darkness. Pray about your choices of entertainment, music, games, hobbies, and items you own. Don’t be afraid to say NO to going to certain movies, to watching certain shows, to listening to what’s playing on the radio/music, to people who draw you away from Christ, or to objects that are of this world.

After all, we are not citizens of this world. We are just passing through. When all is said and done, are your children on the wide road to damnation or on the narrow path to Eternal Life with the Father? The choice is theirs alone, you cannot make that choice for them, but you can be a godly influence in their lives. How you walk out your faith in Jesus the Messiah will have a profound impact on them. The daily influences in your home, entertainment choices, and friends will guide you and your family on your journey. Please do not become complacent, but be vigilant. May our Father bless you on your journey and give you wisdom and strength each day. In Jesus’ name.

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