The Truth of the Heart

“Just follow your heart,” is so pervasive a theme in popular culture today. We hear this in music, movies, books, from educators, celebrities and even from some churches. This is the best advice the world has to offer for all of life’s deeply important and not so important decisions. The assumption is that our hearts and motives are always pure, that our current desires are always right and will never lead us into pain, bad decisions or into harmful situations. So why are the people saying this leading such self-destructive lives?

What is the truth of the heart? “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” The Scriptures shed light on the the nature of the heart in Jerimiah 17.

Even a reasonably intelligent person knows that following every whim or desire is not a good idea. It is one thing to daydream about your ideal situation for your life, but it is another thing to act on those desires. If our hearts are wicked and we don’t even realize it, then where can we look to for guidance?

For the follower of Christ, the Bible is where we should turn. A life rooted in the Scriptures is a life of wisdom and of hope for the future. It is like a tree planted next to the nourishing stream which gives strength to the branches. The Scriptures don’t spell out the specific details of our lives. But they teach us the proper perspective on things and will help us to understand the way or our hearts.

This is a short devotional out of a series I wrote after our missions trip in 2013.

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