Tiny Creatures

This is a microscopic view of tiny animals called bdelloids that are found in fresh water. The amazing tiny animals can be desiccated for long periods of time and then rehydrate and become active again.

Microscopic view of mosquito larvae.

Bumbly critter.

Flagellate movement


I have had my share of God-ordained miraculous events that defy earthly wisdom, everything from how I went to college, to the story of the most expensive dish I’ve ever owned, to going on a missions trip and finding lifelong friends, to our kids’ names. God works in ways that defy our understanding, and he writes our life story. Maybe one day, I’ll write a book about it. But now I’m just busy living it, and I’m thankful for God’s guiding hand in everything.

The Truth of the Heart

“Just follow your heart,” is so pervasive a theme in popular culture today. We hear this in music, movies, books, from educators, celebrities and even from some churches. This is the best advice the world has to offer for all of life’s deeply important and not so important decisions. The assumption is that our hearts and motives are always pure, that our current desires are always right and will never lead us into pain, bad decisions or into harmful situations. So why are the people saying this leading such self-destructive lives?

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